This September, Fa4 Collective will be sponsored by the Joshua Tree Arts Council and Joshua Tree National Park to hold a week-long desert artist residency. Their private campground located in the Lost Horse Valley inside the Joshua Tree National Park will be set far away from the city and other regular campgrounds; there will be no other campers for miles. The isolation of the site will facilitate an immersive, educational experience resulting in a flow of work and skill building.

Fa4 Collective members will live in the process of creative synergy, lay the groundwork for future residencies and protest societal norms that demand traditional learning environments.
On September 17-18, the Joshua Tree National Park will be hosting an Annual Art Exposition featuring Fa4 Collective.

The FA4JTree residency will culminate with a show hosted at Midnight Gallery in Long Beach scheduled for December 2016.
For more information, check out this groups’ Online Portfolio at fa4collective.com, follow them on Facebook at facebook.com/fa4collective, and like them on Instagram at @fa4collective.

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About FA4Collective
Based in the Los Angeles greater area, Fa4 collective is a group of artists who follow their creative calling as individuals and work together to establish a network of support, education, personal growth and artistic challenge. Part of our intent as a collective is to deconstruct each other’s creative processes, provide constructive criticism, and keep one another accountable on our artistic journeys. Fa4 collective is to serve as a forum of professionals that strives to elevate our experience as artists and participants in a greater community. We aim to encourage creative engagement by working inside and outside of art institutions through exhibitions, educational workshops, and cultural events.

photog: Chase Wolcott