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Participating Artists: Ciana Lee, Cindy Vallejo, Daniel Rivera, Elmer Guevara, Ever Velasquez, Francisco Palomares, Gloria Sanchez, Jamie Villatoro, Jenny Aguirre, Josh Vasquez, Kiara Machado, Marlene Tafoya, Marton Robinson, Monica Martinez, Narsiso Martinez, Oscar Duarte, Romina Del Castillo, TidaWhitney Lek, Vanessa Gamboa, Victor Ortega


An Art exhibit of existence and Resistance. Angel’s Gate Cultural Center Gallery and FA4 Collective present Ganas de Exisitir! A multimedia exhibition featuring artworks that explore themes of identity, erasure and visibility. We aim to facilitate a culturally diverse and inclusive space for discussion, collaboration, and establishment of a platform to share valuable stories and experiences of marginalized voices in response to a time in American Society where xenophobia and prejudice are more enabled, transparent, and in many cases, violent and deadly.