Francisco Palomares

francisco-palomares_caballito_53_x64_-oil-on-canvas-2016Caballito, 2016, 52 x 64″, Oil on canvas

palomares-francisco-king-cloudthe-bday-boy-24_x36_mixed-media-on-canvas2016King Cloud, The Bday Boy, 2016, 24 x 36″, Acrylic, glitter, oil, wax, and wood on canvas

palomares-francisco-happy-balloon-watercolor-on-paper-9_x12_-2016Happy Balloon, 2016, 9 x 12″, Watercolor on paper

Francisco Palomares

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My artwork is a visual journal. My aim is to create a narrative and Just a like a written diary it expresses my personal journey through adulthood, a career in art, and personal relationships.

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