Galileo Gonzalez

GALILEO_meltingpointcoverartMelting Point (Cover Art), 2014, 8.5×8.5″, Marker, paper and photoshop

GALILEO_readytodieReady To Die, 2015, 38×50″, Charcoal on lenox paper

galileo_gonzalez_descontrol1Descontrol, 2016, 50 x 50″, Mixed media on paper

galileo_gonzalez_vida2Vida, 2016, 36 x 50″, Mixed media on paper

Galileo Gonzalez

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My work is an exploration of the Los Angeles urban landscape. I focus much of my attention to peculiar aspects around the city, like fencing, graffiti cover-up, and the many tents that line the city streets. The ideas I present are the ever-growing expansion of the city, how they displace its residents, and urban blight.