Gloria Elisa Margarita Sanchez

Peligroso 3030, 2015, 52×48″, Acrylic on canvas          Filthy C.R.E.A.M., 2014-2015, 50 x45” Oil, acrylic, pastel on canvas

gloria_-sanchez_desert-trip-cholla-vision_1Cholla Vision, 2016, 48 x 96″, Acrylic, spray paint, paint marker, conte crayon, and oil pastel

gloria_sanchez_girlscoutcookies_2Girl Scout Cookies, 2016, 14 x 20″, Acrylic, spray paint, and fibers

gloria_sanchez_ultralightbeam2_3Ultra Light Beam 2, 2016, 60 x 72″, Oil, acrylic, spray paint, and fibers

Gloria Elisa Margarita Sanchez

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She is a multimedia artist that mainly works in painting, weaving, mixed media, printmaking, and sign making. The theme of imitating nature through cycles of destruction and reconstruction are intrinsic elements in Gloria’s process. Her interests in decolonization and non-western cultural aesthetics drives Gloria to gather research and inspiration from Filipin@, Mexican, and Indigenous cultures; this is her way of connecting with and reclaiming her personal, cultural identity as a Xicana-Pinay Womyn. Her work exudes a colorful, feminine effervescence that is both energizing, calming, stark, yet inviting. She is dedicated to her art practices as a means of spiritual survival and art for healing.