Marlene Tafoya

Apple Pie, 2015, 06:30, Video performance

marlene_tafoya_bangbangBang Bang, 2017, 20 x 24″, Inkjet print

Clown Torture, 2015, 05:24, Video performance

Marlene Tafoya

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Marlene Tafoya is a Chicana artist, performer and maker from the Harbor Area. She received her BA in Studio Art with an emphasis in Photography from California State University Long Beach in 2015. Her work explores various concepts ranging from personal, social, and environmental. Marlene was the recipient of the Joy of Life scholarship from the University Art Museum and although most of her work is quite serious, she prefers to lighten up the mood for her audience. As a recent graduate, Marlene has been fortunate enough to show at various museums and galleries including, Museum of Latin American Art, Vincent Price Art Museum, LAX ART, Mini Art Museum, and Marcas Contemporary Art Gallery among others. Trying her best to live by words from Oasa DuVerney, (in Five Ways to Disrupt White Supremacy in the Mainstream Art World) Marlene hopes to be “gangsta” and continue creating for the current and future generations to come.

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