Megan Kinney

MEGANMine, 20″x16″, Acrylic on canvas

MEGA2NUntitled, 16″x20″, Mix-media on paper

kinney_megan_fadeawayFade Away, 2016, 16 x 20″, Mixed media

kinney_megan_slouchSlouch, 2016, 16 x 20″, Mixed media

kinney_megan_watchovermeWatch Over Me, 2016, 22 x 30″, Mixed media

Megan Kinney

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Megan Kinney is a painter residing in the High Desert in California, who is often inspired by landscapes. She challenges society’s view of beauty and the pressure that it puts on females today in her paintings. Her goal is to create artwork that intrigues the viewer by bringing the desert landscape and female body together; and embracing their beauty.